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Culinary Challenge - a Detroit Team Building Event

A fun, interactive culinary event Featuring our mobile kitchen system (MKS), and hosted by our highly trained team members!

  • chefs, mixologists, bakers and more based on the particular need of the event
  • Available throughout the Detroit metropolitan area
  • combine with drinks, meals, appetizers, receptions and more based on where and when in Detroit the event is taking place

creating the product

Guests are united into small teams, where they must collaborate in order to create a dish, (or dishes, drink, and dessert, based on client scope and requirements) utilizing ingredients such as herbs, spices, sauces, produce, and much more and secret ingredients based on the particular theme of the challenge, and present it in a fun and creative way.

In order to help create and present the dishes within the given timeframe, teams are provided with roles, such as project manager, purchasing, marketing, etc. based on their strengths.


One or all team members can present to the panel of judges, in a creative, interesting manor. Past presentations have been songs, cheers, plays, or even simple descriptions. Team collaboration and group development and bonding are key parts of the event.

Over a dozen variations, or we can create one from scratch

Our Culinary Challenge series includes a number of customizable team building events developed to work for groups of all sizes.

The team building activity is great for all skill levels, as achieving your teambuilding goals are our first and foremost objective.

team building based on your objectives and needs

We want to work with you to ensure not only are guests having the best possible experience, but they are achieving the overarching group goals

Throughout the past decade, organizations have partaken in our Culinary Challenges with various objectives in mind, such as bonding new and existing employees, working to overcome difficult situations, familiarizing project teams, and often just for fun!

event variations

With over two dozen variations of ‘challenge’, there is something that will work for nearly every group.

Event options include the following
  • Iron Chef inspired
  • Chopped
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Dinner Impossible
  • cake creation
  • Plating challenge
  • indoor bbq
  • cocktail creation
  • Around the world challenge, or call us at 877-406-3446, for more information and how to book!

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