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Offering full-service destination management and special event services throughout the greater Detroit area

Our award winning event staff provide your Group with airport greeters, step-on guides, event managers, tour guides and support staff.

We have the capability of developing and executing itineraries that include events, tours, spousal programs, team building, and can bring Detroit’s unique culinary culture to your group.

We will collaborate with other event companies to ensure seamless integration within your schedule.

Full service Detroit DMC and event planning

Our event team is available seven days a week, offering A strong infrastructure of dedicated individuals ready to produce unforgettable events, tours, team building and more throughout Detroit.

contact us and speak with one of our award-winning meeting planners seven days a week at

Welcome Detroit Products and Services

Look below for additional detail about our Destination Management and Event Planning services. Our work is done in-house or via our sister companies 4Lobe Events Detroit and Taste Detroit Food Tours.


We work with numerous hotels and establishments in order to find the absolute best accommodation for your group.


meals, drinks, dining

Itinerary Development

Meeting Management

Special Events

Team Building


Our Clients

These are some of our many corpirate clients we have worked for events, tours, logistics and more with over the past decade. Although each client has different needs, but we follow the same approach of the best service, product development, and value.

For testimonials, call or email us at 313-279-0640.

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Let us show your company how our approach will provide you with creative events at the best service, product development, and value. We can also provide client reviews and testimonials upon request.

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Weekdays:9:30am to 7pm

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Sunday:1 to 4pm

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