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There's an energy and excitement in Columbus that's going to hit you as soon as you arrive. Big things are happening here, and you're invited to join in. The city is booming, and not just in population.

One of the larger major cities in the united states, columbus is just behind San Francisco in size, and offers its own distinct, fantastic culture. The result is a robust blend of cosmopolitan, architectural, historic, and culinary culture in a walkable, beautiful city in the heart of the midwest.

As a full service Destination Management company, Welcome Columbus is able to provide your group or client with as little or as much support as you need during your visit to Columbus.

We have over ten years in the industry, and can quickly and efficiently develop and execute events, tours, hotels and other accommodation, transportation, meals, Step on guides, team building, experiences, Brand Ambassadors (BA), and convention services. , spouse and children events, additional activities and itinerary development.

a locally driven and award-winning national dmc

Our Welcome Columbus management and field teams work together with our national staff, including our operations, creative, client support and account management. As a result, we are able to offer strong destination management, events, and other products and services regardless of client size and complexity.

Giving your clients and group the Columbus experience

Our expertise goes beyond the standard DMC work to offer guests a unique look at Columbus itself, i ncluding the culinary and the cultural highlights that help to make a trip to Ohio an unforgettable experience. We have the abilty to tell a story throughout your groups trip to Columbus whenever we can, whether it's catching an Ohio State Football Game, meeting vendors and tasting food at the North Market or various farmers markets throughout the city, or having a hands-on cocktail creation class for 1,000 during an evening event.

things to do in columbus ohio

There are so many things to do in and around Columbus, and we will help find the best activities, experiences and events based on the needs and requirements of your group. Columbus offers a rich culinary scene, featuring award winning chef driven restaurants, a focus on farm to table, artisanal beer, wine and spirits and authentic ethnic eats throughout the city. All have helped to turn columbus info a true foodie destination in neighborhoods throughout the city.

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These are some of our many corpirate clients we have worked for events, tours, logistics and more with over the past decade. Although each client has different needs, but we follow the same approach of the best service, product development, and value.

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