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Cleveland Culinary Challenge - a corporate and group Team Building Event

The culinary challenge series is a group of hands on team building events created to provide a fun, lightly competitive atmosphere

During the challenge, groups collaborate to create a dish, dishes, drinks, or even dessert. The events can be run nearly anywhere throughout the Cleveland area, including Akron and other relatively close locations.

Create an unforgettable experience for your group by combining team building events with food and drink

10+ years experience and thousands of satisfied clients

With nearly thirty varieties of culinary challenges and a decade of special event experience, we work with you to find the perfect event for your budget, timing, and group size.

By featuring our Mobile Kitchen System (MBS), we can offer events in your company offices, hotel, local market, restaurant or nearly any venue you desire. The events can be modified to be an exciting experience for both small and large groups.

how it works

During culinary challenge, individuals are brought together into small groups where team members are assigned or collaborate to create roles.

Teams have a specific amount of time, usually 25-30 minutes, where they create an item and present it to a team of judges. Winning teams receive a small prize.

We provide kitchens, ingredients, spices, recipes, chefs, emcees, transportation, clean up crew, sound, and anything else that is needed.

A culinary challenge is typically accompanied with drinks and appetizers prior and during, a meal (and paired drinks or even open bar), or reception follows the judgement.

types of culinary challenges

From ‘Iron Chef’ inspired to cocktail creation and recipes from around the world, we offer a variety of cleveland culinary challenges. We work wth the goals of your team, in order to provide the type of bonding you need.

locally focused events are an option

We can set your team building event to have a local focus if it is of interest. From the theme, to the neighborhood, or even creating or utilizing local products and recipes, there are ways to bring the Cleveland area to your group.

Contact us to see how we can make your time in cleveland even more memorable. If you are from Cleveland, perhaps we can show you something you did not know about the city.

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